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    All star Dance  

We offer a range of dance styles in our all star dance program:

Prestige: Adult Hip Hop Team
Crowns: Adult Pom Team



In this recreational Dance class you'll learn the exciting and high energy style of Pom dance. Yes, that means you will get to use pom poms! 🎉  This is a fast paced jazz style dance with precise movements. You'll also get the chance to learn other dance styles like hip hop and jazz. ⁠

For recreational dance classes there is no uniform and no competitions. We have an optional in-gym event where you can perform a routine in front of family and friends so they can see what you’ve learnt and cheer you on! ⁠

These classes are focussed on fun with no competitions and are the perfect introduction to All Star Dance and for making friends! 


We have a huge number of adults (18 years +) in our Adult Dance Teams. We offer Hip hop and Pom Dance. These teams attend All Star Cheer & Dance Competitions throughout the year. However you are welcome to join and just attend the weekly classes without competing. 


Our dance teams spend their season learning a choreographed routine in which they then perform at multiple competitions throughout the year.

🌟 Our dancers attend classes every Saturday and can compete or attend for fun

🌟 Take some time to do something for yourself. Book the kids into our Rec classes 

🌟 Perform at events in our gym and at All Star Cheer & Dance Competitions

🌟 Competitions include dedicated warm up areas, huge crowd of spectators, awards ceremonies and lots of excitement

🌟 Every single dancer stays on stage for the entire routine, no hiding dancers behind curtains.

🌟 All our dancers are important, whilst we love competition we enjoy the friendships the most

🌟 Pom dance is similar to jazz and is a high energy, exciting style of dance. Those from Physie will thrive in this style as it's about precision, lines and musicality.

Dance Fun
Adult teams



Interested in trialling our adult cheer & tumble class?

Book a trial now and be welcomed by an amazing group of adults keen to work hard but have lots of laughs! 

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