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    Join us in 2022!    

We are looking for new athletes to join our cheerleading gym in Caringbah. Book in for a FREE trial class to see what cheer and tumble is all about. We can then place you on a team to suit your age, ability and commitment level.



We welcome athletes of all ages from 3yrs up to and including adults

Beginners and all abilities are encouraged to try out as well as anyone experienced in gymnastics, acro, tumbling or dance.

Compete at amazing competitions during the year

We offer Cheer Sport teams which are great for beginners to cheer. They have all the fun at 4 events per year! Our Elite teams are for highly dedicated and experienced athletes who train twice a week and attend multiple competitions throughout the year. 

Looking for something with less commitment? Try Cheer Fun!

Try our Cheer Fun and Tumble Fun classes. Learn all the basics, while having fun and making friends.

Book a FREE Trial Class Now!

We are celebrating 10 years of Cheer in the Shire

Find out why our athletes love Shire Elite. Join Australia's fastest growing team sport that provides confidence, skills and a fun way to keep fit with your friends.

   What we offer   

Tumble Classes

Our tumble classes are designed to teach basic through to advanced tumble skills in a fun, safe and progressive environment.


Tumble classes are split into levels ranging from level 1 (beginner skills), through to level 6 (elite twisting skills). We have Tumble classes for 3-5 years, 5+ years to adult and a specific adult tumble class.

Each athlete is assessed and placed in a class that is best suited to their current tumble ability and future skill development.

Cheer Teams & Recreational Classes

Athletes on our Cheer teams learn routines that they perform at multiple competitions throughout the year. These routines combine gymnastic tumbling, dance, acrobatics and jumps.


Our teams are a great way to build fitness, self-esteem, teamwork, and athletic ability in any person at any skill level.


Cheer Fun: Learn the basics in this fun filled class with stunting, tumbling, dance and loads of games and activities..

Dance Teams

Athletes on one of our dance teams will learn a choreographed routine in the style of hip hop, to be performed at multiple competitions throughout the year. These routines are an energetic and fun compilation of skills, leaps, jumps and transitions.

Joining a dance team is an amazing way to build confidence, fitness and friendships and to discover the joys that come with being part of a team.


We offer teams to suit an array of ages and abilities, with something for everyone! All athletes have a chance to thrive in this family-like, all inclusive environment!

Adult Teams

Why should the kids have all of the fun? Our Adult cheer and dance teams are a great way to get fit whilst having fun and always include plenty of laughs!


Our number one favourite part of adult cheer is the friendships and enjoyment we see in our parents at a time in life when so much of our focus is usually on our children.


We are lucky enough to have such an inclusive group of parents, who are always looking for more additions to add to the family.

Our adult teams include: Cheer, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Pom.

Novice Athletes performing a stunt

Timetable & Key Dates

Click here to view our Timetable and Key Dates for the 2021 season.

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