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2022 has started with a bang! 💥

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

A warm welcome to all our newest athletes and families who joined us recently. We hope you’re settling in, making friends and enjoying your classes. The last month has been super busy with over 100 athletes trialling classes as well as our Bring a Friend week which has been amazing. Many teams are now full or close to capacity.

What we’ve been up to! 🐝

During February our Cheer Sport and Cheer Advance teams have been learning basic foundations in stunting and basic shapes for tumble. Our new athletes are learning lots of new cheer terms such as “clean”, “lib”, “thigh stand” and “back spot”. Keep your eye out for a cheer terms glossary coming soon!

Our Cheer Elite athletes have been working on refining their basics and working out positions and stunt groups. Dance teams have been having fun learning new chorey each week while we get to know each other and meet new friends.

All our competitive teams are now focused on building on their foundation skills to develop their stunt sequences and components of their routines. It's not long now until our very first performance of the year in front of family and friends at our Showoffs Event in May.

Our new recreational stream is growing fast with Cheer Fun, Tumble Fun and Dance Fun classes being a great way for beginners to experience all star cheer and dance. We are loving our new Dance Fun class on Saturdays for recreational Pom dance. Click here to book a trial

Dance Fun for Adults! For adults interested in recreational dance classes we are looking to start a Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop class on Tuesdays nights in Term 2. If you're interested please get in touch!


We will be sizing for new uniforms/costumes in-house, so we take care of all fittings and ordering. Uniform/Costume fees are included in your upcoming instalment payments. Click here to download our calendar with all key dates

ALL NEW Cheer Sport and Legacy athletes to 2022: As we will be using the same Cheer Sport and Legacy Adult uniforms as 2021, we will only size and order for new athletes who do not currently have a uniform. If you have a uniform but need a new size please see below for details.

ALL Cheer Advance and Cheer Elite athletes (excluding Legacy): We've been working behind the scenes to design a new uniform for Cheer Elite and Cheer Advance!🎉 This year we will be purchasing new uniforms for the 2022 and 2023 seasons. All Cheer Advance and Cheer Elite athletes will be sized and a uniform will be ordered for you.

ALL Dance: All dancers competing on Dance Teams will require a 2022 costume/uniform for each team. Pom will use the current Legacy adult uniform. If you have a current Legacy uniform, a Pom uniform will not be ordered for you. However we you will need to purchase your poms - please see below for more information.

Need a new uniform size or replacement bow/lipstick? 💄

Replacement uniforms are for 2021 athletes only. Please do not purchase the items below if you are new to cheer and/or dance at Shire Elite in 2022 as you will be charged in your upcoming instalment payments for uniforms/costumes.

2021 Cheer Sport Athletes: If you already own a Cheer Sport uniform we will be using the same uniform again this year. For those who have outgrown their uniform and need to purchase a new size; please click here to order.

2021 Legacy Athletes: If you already own an Adult uniform we will be using the same uniform this year. However if you would like to purchase a new size; please click here to order.

2021 Legacy athletes who have joined Pom: If you are a Legacy Athlete, who has joined Pom this year, you will wear your current Adult uniform for performing in both Cheer and Pom. However, you will need to purchase a set of poms; Please click here to order. If you are new to Legacy and Pom in 2022 do not purchase from the link. Uniform fees are included in your upcoming instalment payments and sizing/ordering will be done in-house.

Replacement Bows and Lipsticks! If you’ve misplaced these items or if you would like to purchase a fresh new replacement; please click here to order.


Athletes on Cheer Elite teams are required to purchase proper cheer shoes. For Cheer Advance athletes it is optional but recommended. Our Cheer Sport athletes are not required to purchase proper cheer shoes however, for performances at events and competitions, they will be required to wear plain white shoes, with no logos and no visible colours on the shoe or sole.

Please order your Cheer Shoes 🛍

We were unable to secure sample sizes and a date with our supplier due to staff shortages. So we recommend purchasing your cheer shoes online at Cheer Direct or AASCF Shop


Club t-shirts have been ordered and should arrive in the next week! These are part of your enrolment and will be handed out soon. We will also be opening orders for other Club merch items that are perfect for wearing to competitions and training when the weather starts to cool down. In this range we will have the following items in both kids and adults sizes:

💫 Full tracksuits

💫 Hoodies

💫 Zip Jackets

💫 Track pants

Orders will open Mon 4 Apr for a limited time. We'll send a link to order via emails and SE Fam.

AASCF NATIONALS Gold Coast, Queensland 🏆

Our biggest and most exciting event of the year! For all our Cheer Elite, Cheer Advance and Dance athletes be sure to read through our latest update regarding AASCF Nationals.


Helpful Reminders ✅

Calendar and Key Dates for 2022 📅 - All competition, events and other important Key Dates for 2022 can be found in our Athlete Pack or on our website here. Download these dates directly to your calendar by clicking here: Apple Calendar or Google Calendar.

Athlete Pack 📒 - Please be sure to read through your Athlete Packs as they contain everything you need to know about training, competitions, key dates and timetables. Yes, there is A LOT of information, but we find this is the best way to ensure nothing unexpected is sprung on our families throughout the year. Click below to download:

📯 Private Facebook Group: SE Fam - make sure you join our private group on Facebook SE Fam. We post all important updates here and you are also free to ask any questions in the group. Please ensure you answer the questions when requesting to join.


March/April Key Dates 🗓

Sat 12 Mar: Tumble Skills Workshops and Open Gym Click here to book

Fri 1 Apr: Event/Uniform Fee Instalment Due

Sat 2 - Sun 3 Apr: Chorey Weekend (Cheer Elite)

Mon 4 Apr: Club Merch orders open

Sat 8 - Sun 9 Apr: Chorey Weekend (Cheer Elite & Cheer Advance)

🌟 Sat 9 Apr: Last Day Term 1 Rec Fun classes, Cheer Sport and Dance

Mon 11 - Thu 14 Apr: End Dance Week for Cheer Advance, Cheer Elite

🌟 Thu 14 Apr: Last Day Term 1 for Cheer Advance, Cheer Elite

Tue 19 - Fri 22 Apr: Easter Holiday Clinics

Wed 20 - Thu 21 Apr: Tumble & Dance Workshops + Open Gym

Mon 25 Apr: Gym closed for Anzac Day

🌟 Tue 26 Apr: First Day of Term 2



Tumble Workshops 🤸‍♂️ - Saturday 12 March 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Develop your tumble skills in front walkovers, back walkovers and back handsprings in our specialised Tumble Skills Workshops! Click here to book

Easter Holiday Clinics 🐰 - Tue 19 -Fri 22 Apr Our holiday cheer clinics are on again these Easter holidays. All our SE Fam get 10% off ! Make sure you use our coupon code: 22CLINICFAM. Book here now to secure your spot!

Private Coaching Lessons ✨ - Private coaching lessons are designed for athletes wanting to improve their tumble skills or any aspect of cheer and/or dance. Our one-on-one private lessons are 45min with a very limited number of 30min sessions. We still have openings for our Private Lessons so get in touch with Darcee to organise a weekly time slot. Email to book!


If you have any queries at all please get in touch with our receptionist Darcee at or call 1800 744 733 between 2:30 - 6:30pm weekdays.

Have a great day!

The Shire Elite Team 💛


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