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Find the Perfect Cheer Shoes

Updated: Mar 26

Here's our guide to purchasing the correct shoes for your team.

Recreational Program Recreational athletes are required to attend classes with simple canvas or soft-sole shoes in any colour. Tiny Tumblers are not required to wear shoes.

Performance Program + St Aloysius Angels

Athletes on Performance teams are required to wear shoes for training (starting Term 2) and performances at events and competitions. They must be plain all-white shoes, with no logos or other colours visible on the shoe or sole. We highly recommend a thin soft sole such as canvas style shoes. This style makes it easier for bases and back spots to grip flyers feet, and for flyers shoes to be gentler on hands, thighs for stunts. You're also welcome to invest in proper cheer shoes as these are ideally suited to stunting and tumble with the slimmest sole.

Adult Cheer Team: Legacy Proper cheer shoes are optional but recommended. Legacy athletes can also choose to wear plain white canvas or soft-sole shoes.

Where to find plain white shoes 🛒

Plain white canvas or soft-sole shoes

We recommend Canvas or fabric will be more comfortable than leather or vinyl, but as long as they are completely white with a soft sole, then this will be ok.

Perfect for: Recreational athletes

Performance athletes St Aloysius Angels Adult Cheer team

These may be found at the following stores: BIG W, Target, Spendless Shoes, Kmart or online retailers.


Competitive Program, Development Program, Endeavour Flames All athletes in these programs must wear proper cheer shoes. They must be all white and not high-top style. We recommend purchasing your cheer shoes online or come to reception to try on our sizing kit.

Where to find proper cheer shoes 🛒

Trixstar 🌟

We have a sizing kit at reception if you'd like to try these on before purchasing. Shire Elite Athletes get 10% OFF. use code: SEC24 Click here to purchase from Trixstar

Trixstar Altair

Similar style to the popular NFinity Flytes. Sturdy design and well priced.

Cheer Direct (Supplier of NFinity) 🌟

We have a sizing kit at reception if you'd like to try these on before purchasing. Click here to purchase from Cheer Direct

Nfinity Flytes

Preferred by flyers. Must be a snug fit. Please use size guide to measure or visit us in reception with our sizing kit. Cheer Direct - Flytes

Nfinity Fearless

Great lower cost, all-round shoe for bases and tumblers. Must be a snug fit. Cheer Direct - Fearless

Nfinity Evolution

Ideal shoe for bases and back spots. Must be a snug fit. Please use size guide to measure. Cheer Direct - Evolutions

AASCF Pro Shop 🌟

Varsity Range

AASCF have a variety of Varsity Cheer Shoes. These shoes are very sturdy and are a great all rounder. Tumblers love these!

Can't find your size at the suppliers above, try Cheer Solutions


If you have any queries at all please get in touch with our admin staff at or call 1800 744 733 between 10:30am - 6:30pm weekdays.

Have a great day!

The Shire Elite Team 💛


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