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Covid-Safe Reminder

Hi Fam,

We wanted to send a friendly reminder that following our Covid-19 Safety regulations and procedures is still as important as ever. This will ensure that we can continue running our gym in the safest possible manner for all of our families. A few specific points that we wanted to remind everyone are listed below:

  • Please ensure you use the sanitising station every time you enter or leave the gym.

  • Please ensure you are washing your hands after using the bathroom and in between classes.

  • If you are sick, please advise us and stay home.

  • Please do not congregate in doorways, bag rooms, stairways or directly outside of the gym (this includes parents picking up athletes).

  • Currently, we are requesting that no parents enter the gym unless absolutely necessary. This is to help increase physical distancing and minimise unnecessary contact. If you need to see Bri at reception, feel free to do so, otherwise please remain outside of the gym when collecting athletes.

We are very thankful that everyone has been doing their best to follow the rules and keep our gym safe, we just ask that you continue to show awareness of the safety procedures whenever you are in or around the gym. If we all work together, we can help keep everyone safe and ensure that we move through this quicker!


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