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We are almost there! 💛

We are so close to the end of what seems like a never ending lockdown! Now that we have finally received clarification on the 12-15 age group we are planning to return to the gym on Monday 11 October! 🥳 Obviously this is subject to our NSW reaching 70% vaccination so we will follow up with confirmation in the coming days. Read along about the stages to returning to the gym, what's coming up in Term 4 as well as some key dates.

Returning to the Gym

STAGE 1: From Monday 11 October anyone entering the gym will need to follow these requirements:

Athletes under 12 years: Everyone in this age group can attend in-gym classes. No masks required.

Athletes 12 - 15 years: Everyone in this age group can attend in-gym classes. Masks must be worn. However once strenuous exercise commences your coach will advise when they may be removed.

Athletes 16 years and over: Must be fully vaccinated and you will be required to show your vaccination certificate on your first training day back in the gym. We will mark you off on our roll so you will not need to do this every time. You will also be required to check in using the QR code every time you enter the gym. Masks must be worn. However once strenuous exercise commences your coach will advise when they may be removed.

Parents: Any parent/carer entering the gym for Tiny Tumblers or to visit reception must check in with the QR code and also wear a mask at all times.

Timetable: With the size of our gym we could run all our classes in the gym but to begin with we will ease back into training with just Team & Tumble classes back in the gym. We will run Fitness and Flyers online but these classes will follow the full in-gym timetable. You are free to attend ANY Fitness and/or Flyers class that suits you as obviously it will be difficult to attend your usual class online if you're in the gym. Everyone is welcome to attend as many online classes as you like. We will also run Jewels Hip Hop online for the first week only.

STAGE 2: From Monday 25 October all of the above still applies, however we will return ALL classes to in-gym based and discontinue any online classes.

STAGE 3: From Wednesday 1 Dec ALL athletes will be able to return to the gym regardless of vaccination status.

We will of course be following Covid Safe Guidelines as we have in the past.


We have continued with reduced fees since we started our Zoom Classes in Term 3 (Mon 19 July). Training fees will resume as normal from Monday 11 October.


Whats coming up?

Whole Gym Fitness Challenge! 💪🏼

Sat 9 Oct @ 10am - Don’t miss out on our full gym Fitness Challenge this weekend, hosted by our amazing Coach Kez. Everyone is encouraged to join in including parents and siblings! See how long you can hold a plank or a wall sit. Or maybe you’re great at handstands? Show us what you’ve got and have some fun.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 👚💖

A cause that has personally affected so many of us. To show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness we are donating 50% of sales from all PINK items in our Summer Merch Range to the Breast Cancer Foundation during the month of October.

Simply make a purchase of any PINK items and we will donate 50% of the total sales amount, or you can donate directly to National Breast Cancer Foundation. Please help us honour those close to us that have been affected by this disease. Lastly, join us in wearing PINK to training during the last week of October (Mon 25 - Sat 30) to show our support!

Outdoor One on One Privates 🤸🏼‍♀️

Our outdoor private lessons have been really successful and we have had such heartfelt and encouraging feedback from athletes and families. Our athletes are really enjoying getting outside and being able to interact with their coaches and work on their skills. Our coaches love seeing our athletes staying focussed and committed.

Our Outdoor privates have booked out and we will continue them for the next 2 weekends!

Anyone wishing to transition their outdoor one on one privates to regular in-gym private lessons once we return to the gym, please contact Darcee to make a tentative booking as private lesson spots fill up fast.

Competitions 🏆

We have missed out on so many comps this year and we feel for our newest athletes who are yet to experience the excitement and joy of a full competition season. Our hearts also go out to our athletes who have been with us season after season and know how amazing competitions are. We know we will be back to a full comp season next year but we may have 1 more event this year. Find out more below.

AASCF State & Nationals: (8-10 Oct and 26-28 Nov): We will no longer be participating in these comps. State has been canceled and AASCF announced a virtual Nationals comp with entry submissions required by early November. Unfortunately, we will not be back in the gym long enough to be ready to perform a routine that is safe and also polished.

CheerBrandz Nationals: There are multiple possible dates for this comp but we will only participate if the weekend chosen is Fri 10 - Sun 12 Dec. Hopefully these dates are selected as we are really looking forward to this comp as it will include ALL of our Shire Elite teams.

In Gym Event: If we are unable to attend CheerBrandz Nationals then we are hoping to host an event at the end of the year. Depending on restrictions we’ll either host an event similar to Showoffs or we’ll live stream each team's routine for parents and friends to watch online.

What have we been working on? 🐝

We have been busy working in the background preparing your zoom classes, keeping connected via social media and blogs. We've also been running Outdoor Clinics and Privates. Our Athlete Information Packs are being developed as well as our 2022 Timetable and Key Dates! Design concepts are underway for our new Cheer Elite and Cheer Novice uniform. There is so much we’re working on that we’re so excited about.


Term 4 Key Dates 🗓

All Catch up Sessions: These are no longer required as they were for classes missed due to competitions.

CheerBrandz Nationals: (Fri 10 - Sun 12 Dec - Dates to be confirmed)

We will only participate if the weekend chosen is Fri 10 - Sun 12 Dec. Hopefully this is the case as it includes all of our Shire Elite teams and we are super excited for a live Cheerbrandz Nationals as our last comp of the year. Please add these dates to your calendar!

Full Out Week and Gym Closure: (Mon 22 Nov - Sat 4 Dec)

As AASCF Nationals Comp is not going ahead these closures will not be required. So training will continue as normal during this time.

Assessment Week for 2022 Teams: (Mon 6 - Sat 11 Dec)

We will now be performing Athlete Assessments during team training and tumble classes throughout December.

Last Day of Term 4: (Sat 18 Dec)

Our last training day for all teams.

Awards Night: (Sat 18 Dec)

We have our venue at Elouera Surf Club secured but we'll keep you posted on whether we are able to continue with this event.

Holiday Clinics: (16 Dec - 22 Dec + Jan 2022)

Fingers crossed we’ll be holding our Xmas Clinics starting Thur 16 Dec. We will also be holding our super popular holiday clinics during January plus some skills based Tumble Clinics! So stay tuned for more info in the Nov & Dec Blogs.

Thanks again for your continued support. We cannot wait to see your beautiful faces back in the gym!

The Shire Elite Team 💛

Shire Elite Timetable 2021 T4 COVID
Download PDF • 556KB


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