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What a start to the year! 💛

We’re now almost halfway through term 1 and everyone has been settling into their teams and classes. Over the past few weeks, we have been getting to know everyone and forming bonds and connections with teammates. Here’s a little about what we've been working on.

Recreational Classes

Our focus has been on getting familiar with the different parts of a routine, the names of skills and starting to learn the basic skills in cheer stunting and tumble for their age group.

Cheer Teams

We’re working on synchronisation and making all the basic skills and motions look as similar as possible. We’ve been deciding on roles for stunt groups, formations and other elements of routines, which can take some time to make these important decisions. We are also working hard to build our athlete's fitness for stunting and tumbling. This is so we are better able to train with consistent results for the full duration of tumble and team training. Cheer is an anaerobic fitness sport that requires a lot of focus. It can be hard for us to get the most out of our athletes, both physically and mentally, the whole time until we have built up that fitness and strength.

Adult Cheer

Our Legacy team are currently working on learning individual skills for their main stunt, and are focusing on remembering their new jump set & counts.

Dance Teams

We have been working on cardio fitness and stretching after a long break, and focusing on new choreography each week, that has a different pace and vibe to the previous chorey.



Cheer Stars athletes

This year all of our Cheer Stars athletes receive a brand new uniform. We're so excited about our new design in 2023! Invoices for Uniform fees will be sent out shortly and fees will be deducted on Fri 3 Mar from your bank account or card details supplied for your fees. We will be holding a uniform sizing day on Sat 18 Mar for our Cheer Stars athletes to come in and be sized. Please come in at any time during your time-slot as we have 1 sizing kit and so ask for your patience in trying on sizes.

Sat 18 Mar: Uniform sizing day for Cheer Stars

12pm-12:45pm: Tiny Topaz + Mini Opals

1pm-1:45pm: Mini Nobles + Regals

2pm-2:45pm: Mini Hearts + Jewels

3pm-3:45pm: Mini Aces + Regency

Cheer Advance & Cheer Elite athletes new in 2023

Our Elite uniform will remain from 2022 so only our athletes new to Shire Elite this year will require a new uniform and those wanting a new size. We will be sizing our new athletes during classes.


💖 A note to parents & carers

Arriving to training: Please arrive a few minutes early (no more than 10min) to your class each week to allow time to place your water bottle and belongings in the bag room, say hi to your friends and be ready to start your class on time. If other classes are running when you arrive, please sit and wait, no jumping on equipment or interrupting classes. If you arrive late, you must see our admin staff at reception so they can mark the roll.

Parents/Carers in the gym: We ask that parents please DO NOT enter the gym floor for any reason. This is important for the safety of both parents and our athletes to avoid injury, disruption of athletes and so that classes have the full dedicated floor space & equipment for their training session. You are welcome to wait and watch outside the gate if our roller door is open. If you need to speak to our admin staff please come through our glass doors to our reception desk.


Reminders ✅

Athlete page 📒 - This a dedicated page with EVERYTHING you need to know including links to Athlete Packs, Key Dates, Fees breakdown, Chorey Weekend Timetables and more. We do our best to pre-plan and organise absolutely everything so you can prepare for the year ahead. Click here to head to our Athlete Page

Calendar and Key Dates for 2023 📅 - All the key dates for 2023 can be found here. All competition, events and other important Key Dates for 2023 can be found in our Athlete Pack or on our Calendar on the Athletes page.

📯 Private Facebook group: SE Fam - make sure you join our private group on Facebook SE Fam. We post all important updates here and you are also free to ask any questions in the group. Please ensure you answer the questions when requesting to join.


Term 1 Key Dates 🗓

Mon 27 Feb - Sat 4 Mar: 🌟OPEN WEEK - Bring your friends - Register your friends here

Fri 3 Mar: Uniform/Costume Fee due for competitive athletes

Sun 5 Mar: Catch up for Saturday Recreational Classes - Click here for Timetable

Sat 11 - Sun 12 Mar: Chorey Wkend: Cheer Advance See Chorey Timetable

Sat 18 Mar: Uniform sizing day - See timetable above.

Fri 31 Mar: Event Fee Due for Cheer Stars, Cheer Advance, Cheer Elite & Dance athletes

Thu 6 Apr: Last day of Term 1

Fri 7 Apr - Sat 29 Apr: Gym closed for the holiday break. Royals compete at Worlds in Orlando!

Sat 29 Apr: Catch up for Sat Rec & Dance teams

Mon 1 May: 1st day of Term 2



Tiny Tumblers 😄 - Tiny Tumblers classes are perfect for 3-5yrs. Only $18 per class; Mondays, Tuesdays, @9:30am and 10:30am PLUS Thursdays @9:30am. We would love you to tell your friends who have 3-5 year olds. Book now for a trial!

Come and try Recreational Dance! 👯‍♀️ Join our lovely adults on Thursday nights for JFH (jazz/funk/hip hop) at 7:45pm and Lyrical/Contemporary at 8:30pm. We would love to see you! Click here to book a Trial


Get in touch!

If you have any queries at all please get in touch with our admin team at or call 1800 744 733 between 12:30 - 6:30pm on weekdays.

Warm regards,

The Shire Elite Team 💛


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