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Competitive cheerleading is a sport that combines elements of gymnastic tumbling, dance, acrobatics and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and motions. Teams perform exciting, professionally choreographed 2½ minute routines set to each team’s very own custom made music. Cheerleading is one of the very few competitive Co-Ed sports, and is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is fantastic for building fitness, self-esteem, teamwork, and athletic ability in any person at any skill level. Athletes thrive in this family-like, all inclusive, team based environment.

    Our People    

Laura Garrett



Mitchell Lennon


Owner / Coaching Director

Lisa Motisi

Marketing Manager

Darcee Carmont


Admin / Senior Cheer Coach

Kelsey Dolan

Social Media / Senior Cheer Coach

Stephanie Westbrook

Dance Director

Caitlin Byron

Senior Cheer Coach

Kerrin Oakes

Senior Cheer Coach

Tayla Motisi

Admin / Cheer & Dance Coach 

Sianna Eyles


Admin / Cheer Coach

Brisa Gallo


Cheer Coach

Ginger Kane


Cheer Coach

Georgia Johnson


Tumble Coach / Tiny Tumblers

Tom Groves


Tumble Coach

Ally Harper​


Tumble Coach

Kenzie Halden​


Tumble Coach

Bek Zamroz

Fitness Coach


Shire Elite has done wonders for my daughter’s health, interests and overall confidence!! Thanks guys!!


Blaise Motisi

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