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Our Private Tumble Lessons are for athletes wanting to focus on developing their Tumble skills safely and with the correct technique. Limited Spots available.

Cost: $44 per 45min class paid in full for the term. Limited Spots available

Term 1: Mon 6 Feb - Sat 13 Apr
Term 2: Mon 22 Apr - Sat 6 Jul

Term 3: Mon 15 Jul - Fri 4 Oct

Term 4: Mon 12 Oct - Sat 14 Dec

Private Lesson Policy Update:


Fees are paid for the term at the time of booking. We do not charge for lessons that fall on a gym closure, which means no catch-up session is required.


A minimum of 1 week's notice is required to cancel your booking.


Make-up lessons:

Kindly note that we do not offer make-up lessons for any reason.

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