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  What is cheer?  

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and one of very few competitive co-ed sports.


In Australia, Cheerleading has increased in popularity over the past 10 years with multiple gyms in every state. Our largest competition of the year; AASCF Nationals attracts over 16,000 athletes, from Australia, Asia Pacific and the US. With spectators close to 26,000 for this competition.


Cheerleading in Australia is called All Star Cheer and is a competitive sport where teams from different cheer gyms compete against each other at competitions. A routine is performed by athletes in an all girl or co-ed team. They are formed based on age divisions and skill level. We cater to athletes from 3 years to adult. Every ability level, from brand new to world class athletes.


Our coaches work with their teams to develop a routine in preparation for competition. We incorporate a combination of stunt, tumble, jump and dance elements that are practiced weekly to execute a flawless, clean, well timed routine.


All this training and hard work by our athletes is aimed towards performing the very best routines at competition. No other sport requires the attendance of every single athlete for every training session as every element especially our stunts require every athlete to play a certain position on a team. We have so much success at competitions due to our athletes commitment to training and our coaches bringing out the best in our athletes.

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