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2024 Program

We're thrilled to share our 2024 program with you.

We would love to have you join our program at Shire Elite in our 13th season! Please read through our info below and if you have any questions please get in touch 

What's new

2024 Program

We have many different options available to suit every age, ability and lifestyle.
All of our Recreational classes, Performance and Adult teams are open to everyone, including beginners.

Our Competitive and Development teams are by selection only based on an assessment.

2024 teams condensed.png

Recreational Program
Tiny Tumblers:
 a mix of free play, tumble-specific games and drills, tumble circuits, and use of equipment. 

Cheer Fun: 1.5hrs of Cheer, Tumble and routine training with an in-gym event performance in November.


Performance Program

1.5hrs of Cheer, Tumble and Routine training with performances at 1 in-gym and 2 local events throughout the year.

Competitive Program
2 x 1.5hr sessions of Cheer, Tumble and Routine training with performances at 2 in-gym, 3 local and 1 interstate events throughout the year.

Development Program

This team will focus on building athleticism and creating the foundations for future elite level teams. 3 x 1.5hr sessions of Cheer, Tumble and Routine training with multiple performances at in-gym and local events throughout the year.

Adult Program
Cheer Team:
 1.5hrs of Cheer and Routine training with multiple performances at in-gym and local events throughout the year.

Dance teams: 1.5hrs of Technique, Fitness, and Routine training with multiple performances at in-gym and local events throughout the year. 

Optional Classes:

Development Tumble Classes

All of our cheer teams work on the tumble elements of their routine during their team training sessions.

Development tumble classes are no longer mandatory and can now be booked as an optional extra offering you greater flexibility. These semi-private tumble classes are limited to 6 athletes per class. These classes will be booked by term and offered first to athletes enrolled in a team. Tumble classes are $22 per class, payable in full for the term, upon booking. 

Flyer Classes (by selection only)

Similarly, our flyer classes will now accommodate a maximum of 6 athletes, focusing on flexibility, core strength, balance, stability, correcting and refining lines and technique. These classes are $22 per class, payable in full for the term.

Introduction of Open Classes

To enhance your experience further, we're introducing multiple open sessions throughout the week. These sessions are included in your program fee as an additional benefit. Our Open Classes will include:

Open Fitness:
Join coach-guided sessions to work on your overall fitness, including strength, cardio, and flexibility.


Open Stunt & Tumble:
These sessions are for athletes and stunt groups to practice and refine their skills at their own pace. While these sessions won't be coach-guided, a coache will be present for supervision, answering questions, offering advice, and assisting with drills.

Uniform Updates:

To elevate your experience and add some excitement, we're rolling out a new uniform every year. We've teamed up with suppliers to make sure these uniforms are more cost-effective. It's also about ensuring a great fit and keeping things fresh each season.

Only our Adult program athletes for Cheer, Pom & Hip Hop will keep their uniform/costume for 24 + 25 seasons. 

Fee Structure:

We're making our pricing more straightforward

Programs Guide

Our Program

In 2024 our improved program structure will offer more flexibility and options for athletes. 

Our program includes:

 🌟 Recreational Classes

🌟 Performance Teams
🌟 Competitive Teams

🌟 Development Team

🌟 Adult Teams



Every year, we update our timetable to reflect the evolving age groups of our athletes and the requirements of our teams, based on assessments.


We also take into account the availability of our coaches for the upcoming season, ensuring a well-rounded and effective program.

Please note that this timetable is subject change due to availability.

2024 Timetable Shire Elite (2).jpg

Key Dates Calendar

Important Dates for the 2024 Season: We strongly suggest adding these key dates to your calendar to stay informed and prepared.

2024 Calendar.jpg

Trial a class

if you would like to trial a class or be placed on our mailing list to be offered a Team or Class placement for 2024, please get in touch!

Have questions?

Please get in touch by calling us on 1800 744 733 or email us at

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