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Welcome to Shire Elite 2020!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

We are super excited to have our new athletes and families join us in 2020! We’re also looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of our 2019 athletes and families back in the gym again for 2020!

If this is your first year cheering we are so excited to see you embark on the journey of learning and perfecting new skills. You’ll also begin to see the amazing reality of how every team member plays an integral role in their team. But most importantly, we look so forward to watching you grow both as an athlete and as a person. We know you’ll love being part of your new team and making friends for life.

Our new gym located in Caringbah is huge! We are so excited to be welcoming you all into our first ever facility to have a full width 9 rung sprung floor, along with a new 12m tumble track and all our other equipment. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Parking drop off - with so many athletes coming and going at different times and particularly at 4pm on weekdays, it would be really appreciated if you could enter via the driveway furthest away from the gym, drop your children off and exit through the driveway closest to the gym. This will help reduce congestion out the front of the gym as there is unfortunately no turning area and reversing will be difficult with a line of cars waiting to drop off.

Check out the map below to see where to enter and exit the car park.

If you need to come in and chat with Bri or want to personally drop your child for their first few classes we are lucky to have plenty of street parking or you can park within the allocated spaces.

Training - it’s important to arrive a few minutes early to allow time to place your water bottle and belongings in the locker room, say hi to your friends and be ready to start your class on time. We ask that parents do not enter the gym floor so our athletes are not distracted by your presence (of course, feel free to pop in during the first week to check it all out!).

Calendar - All the key dates for the year can be found here. All catch up sessions and competitions are listed as well as other important dates. There’s a handy link to download these dates directly to your apple phone calendar or google calendar.

SE Fam - make sure you join our Private group on Facebook “SE Fam”. We post all important updates here and you are free to ask questions in the group. Please ensure you answer the questions when requesting to join.

Queries - please contact Bri either by email or by calling 1800 744 733 between 3.30 - 7pm. If you need to speak directly with Mitch, Laura or another coach Bri will organise a meeting. Our reception is located upstairs at the gym for any queries or to purchase merchandise.

Open Gym is available for any athlete and your friends for only $10 each week. This year we will also be often holding skills specific sessions during some open gyms so you can come along and get some extra work done on specific skills you are working on. Keep an eye out on social media for when these will be held.

Merchandise - we will soon be releasing our merchandise for 2020 which will include T shirts, muscle T’s, track pants and hoodies. These are great for training, the colder months and for comps. We also have a sale on last years merchandise including a crazy $5 box! Please see Bri at reception upstairs to purchase.

Competitions - Unfortunately, the exact day and time of performance for each team at competition cannot be confirmed until we receive the finalised running order from the event provider (often this is only one week before the competition weekend).

To try to help with the inconvenience this causes, we release the days and approximate times (morning / midday / afternoon / evening) as soon as we receive the second draft via our SE FAM Facebook page. We then continue to post updates of any changes for each draft. We post and email out the final confirmed times when we receive the final running order. Please be aware that no day or time is 100% confirmed until you receive the official competition note.

Nationals - Nationals is an event held at the end of November in Broadbeach, Qld. This event is compulsory for our elite team athletes. We also take our Novice teams, with the majority of athletes generally attending. Cheer Sport teams do not attend Nationals. Any novice athletes not planning on attending Nationals will need to advise Bri as early as possible (August at the latest). More updates to come thorughout the year.

Royals - This year is huge for our Level 5 team Royals who will be heading to Orlando to compete at IASF Worlds in April. This is the most prestigious competition for all star cheerleading and Royals have been privileged to have been awarded a fully paid bid to compete (the only full paid bid on offer in Australia!). This is a first for any NSW team. We will be having Showoffs in Dural and at our own gym and we’d love to see you there to support and encourage them. More information to come closer to the date.

Coaches - Our coaches have been a part of the shire elite family for many years and have all competed in our teams. They all bring a lot of experience, passion and enthusiasm to their teams and our gym as a whole! As it can get very busy in the afternoons for our coaches, we ask you to direct any questions to Bri at reception who will then relay with the coach on your behalf.

Info Pack - If you haven’t done so already please read through our Information Pack which covers all the important information, policies and dates required to make this another successful year.

We wish everyone an amazing year with our fam in 2020!


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